Honda Valkyrie Modified Exhaust
Custom Accessories
What we do is modify stock exhaust pipes for the Honda Valkyrie.

These pipes do not require Re-jetting.

You will
gain more HP by installing our exhaust, proven by the dyno sheets below.

The modifications are done to the inside of the canister of the exhaust.  We do not use glass packs and we do not drill out the piggies.The pipe will not turn blue at the header pipe because we are using the existing set that came with the Honda Valkyrie.

Gain 8 to 9%  Guaranteed!
Stage 1 exhaust  is usually reccommended if you have a radio on your bike and you like to take mommy for a nice ride. It is a anice sounding pipe with a deep sound, you can make noise when you want , but are quiet in the highway when you take a long trip.

Gain 4 to 5% Guaranteed!
Stage 3 exhaust is a little louder than a stage1.

The pricing on our exhaust pipes depends on the condition of the header pipes that we sell you.
Total cost can range from $700- up to $1000, plus the cost of shipping and handling.

The custom made truck stacks that are put on can be made to the length that you would like to have, you can also choose whether you would like staight cut or slash back for the end of the pipes.

We will also give credit on your old pipes depending on the condition of them, up to $200.

If you do not want to go with a set of ours we can do the modifications to your set with custom made stacks, for $650 plus shipping & handling charges.

Items for Sale                        Cost
Chrome Oil Filter Cover                 $15-
De-Smog Kit                                $60-
Air Fuel Tool                                $22-
Handle Bar Switch                        $29-
Chrome Rail                                 $200-
Stacks made to order                    $350-
Silencers                                      $60-
Vacuum Line Kit                           $25-
Exhaust Gaskets                           $15-
T-shirt short sleeve                       $15-
T-shirt long sleeve                        $25-
Sweat Shirt                                  $30-

Shirts are available in gray or black, sizes range from sm to xxl.

We also happen to do a carb sync for $60- that gives better gas milage and performance. We will also work on your bike if it has mechanical issues.

Labor Rate is $60 an hour.

Please call ahead to schedule an appointment

Dyno Sheet Stage 1
All my testing was done with my 2000 Valkyrie
Another Dyno Sheet with the Stage 1
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Stage 1 HP------->
Stock Tourque------->
<------Stock HP
Stage 1 Tourque-------->
All work 100% Guaranteed
Note: I also can do exhaust modifications to other makes and models.
          Mechanical work also done on most bikes, call & ask for Mike.
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